About Us

We are a family of 4 humans, 6 adopted and rescued dogs, 5 chickens, 1 tortoise, and an ever rotating cast of fosters located in Eugene, Oregon. We recently moved from California and purchased a 12 acre rescue ranch to foster, rehabilitate, and find great homes for dogs in need. I, Candice, dedicate my days to caring for misunderstood and neglected animals, educating whomever I can on spay, neuter, rescue, and adoption, and volunteering with local rescue groups. All profits generated by sales of our merchandise will go into building permanent kennels, full sturdy fencing for the dog play areas, improvements to our foster rooms, and care of current and future fosters and rescues. Your support means the world to us and I welcome you to follow along with us on our journey through our Instagram and Facebook pages. We strive to spread positivity and hope to bring a smile to your face sometime.

Lots of love,